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Ulysses G. Shelton Jr. Head Start Center


370 Howard St Brockton MA, 02302
Contact Phone: (508) 587-1716
Preschool Details: The Self Help Head Start Program provides a comprehensive developmental service for low-income, pre-school children ages 3 to 5 years of age, primarily. Head Start also provides social services for their families. Specific services for children focus on education, socio-emotional development, physical and mental health , and nutrition.
Eligible Requirements: Enrollment in the Head Start program is ongoing. Preschool children whose parents reside in the Self Help service area and are low-income (meet income guidelines) age 3 to 5 are eligible for the program. Working families who do not meet the above income guidelines and have a child age 3 to 5 may still be eligible for Head Start Program through the Community Partnerships Program if they meet that programs income guidelines. Under the Community Partnerships program families pay a sliding fee based on total family income.
Age Requirements: 3 to 5 years old
How to Apply: To enroll your child in the Self Help Head Start Program please visit our main office at the Ulysses G. Shelton, Jr. Head Start Center, 370 Howard St., Brockton or call the Head Start Administrative offices at 508-587-1716 to ask questions or set up an appointment. Applications will also be accepted from any of our Head Start locations. In order to process your application you should bring the following documents with you when you apply for enrollment: Proof of income (4 pay stubs, W-2 form, or print out from your Public Assistance provider); Child’s birth certificate or baptismal record; Social Security cards for all family members; Signed documentation from a Physician, Therapist or other medical specialist if your child has any disabilities or handicaps; Up to date immunizations with most recent physical informtion; Dental record if available.

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