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JFK Elementary School


70 Normand St Winooski VT, 05404
Contact Name: Jessica Benoit
Contact Phone: (802) 651-4180
Preschool Details: Head Start services for children promote school readiness, and include early education, health, nutrition, mental health, and services for children with special needs. Services for parents promote family engagement, and include parent leadership and social service supports. The goals of Head Start and Early Head Start are as follows: To promote children’s social competence and school readiness by enhancing the social, cognitive, physical and emotional development of children; To engage parents in their children’s learning and as the primary nurturers of their children; To help parents in making progress toward their goals (e.g., educational, literacy and employment), and To involve parents in program decisions and development
Eligible Requirements: The two primary criteria are as follows: Are you an expectant mother or have a child age birth to 5? Can you provide documentation for at least one of the following? Reach Up; Supplemental Security Income (SSI); Foster Child; Homelessness; If none of the above, 12 months family income within 100% of the federal poverty level (a limited number of families up to 130% of federal poverty guidelines can also be served)
Age Requirements: 3 to 5 years old
How to Apply: To get started, please fill out the application and provide verification of your income using one of the following documents: Reach Up/RUFA documentation; Supplemental Security Income (SSI) documentation; Foster Care Custody Order/Agreement; A copy of a pay stub, or a tax return, or W-2, unemployment check stub, or VRRP documentation; A letter stating that you are homeless (If this applies, you will receive an additional form to fill out.)

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