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515 Blake Ave Brooklyn NY, 11207
Contact Name: Frances Pierre
Contact Phone: (917) 748-5967
Preschool Details: HELP USA childcare programs benefit the entire family. Lack of access to childcare can be a barrier to employment for parents. HELP USA childcare programs enable parents to find and retain jobs so they can support their families independently. Daycare programs for children under age six are available at every HELP USA family transitional facility. All of our programs provide children with a safe and nurturing environment to stimulate development and foster a sense of well-being. HELP USA’s childcare programs are designed to meet the needs of children at high risk for developmental disabilities, language difficulties, and emotional and social setbacks due to the trauma and instability of homelessness. Early childhood programming prepares children to thrive academically and socially once they enter the public school system. HELP USA’s model focuses on language, socialization, motor skills development, artistic expression and self-esteem. All of HELP USA’s child care programs embrace the philosophy that the family plays a critical role in child development, and all program areas have a family involvement and support component.
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