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Head Start @ Albany


351 Main St Albany VT, 05820
Contact Name: Linda Michniewicz
Contact Phone: (802) 755-6811
Preschool Details: Head Start is a national preschool program that provides educational and social opportunities to nurture the healthy development of children. Head Start prepares children to be successful in kindergarten and to reach their full potential in school and later in life. Families are offered a variety of opportunities to be involved in their child’s preschool experience. Head Start and Early Head Start provide comprehensive, family-centered services for parents and children, with resources and referrals in the areas of health, mental health, special needs, parent education, nutrition, community resources and family support - and more! Head Start and Early Head Start provides support services to children with special needs.
Eligible Requirements: Children 3-5 years old; Family receives public assistance benefits (through certain state or federal programs); OR The child is a foster child; OR The family income is within federal poverty guidelines
Age Requirements: 3 to 5 years old

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